Asparatame Open Letter - 11 August 2004


An Open Letter To The Creche And Kindergarten Association 
and Australian Family Magazine

As a leading Australian health industry researcher and author of a best selling book on health, I was horrified to learn of the Creche and Kindergarten Association's blatant support of products containing the discredited artificial sweetener, aspartame.

Governments across Australia are becoming increasingly concerned about the mounting costs to the health system of diseases such as obesity in our children, but yet your organisation is undermining all of this effort by promoting the addiction of our children to artificial sweeteners. This is nothing short of a national scandal and deserves being exposed as either a blatant case of naivety on your part, or your Association's compliance in corporate profiteering.

The thoroughly discredited artificial sweetener, aspartame, is known to be a neurotoxin which turns to formaldehyde in the body and is stored in fat cells. It kills -- sometimes quickly, sometimes slowly. Prestigious scientists, medical doctors and neurosurgeons world wide have been pressuring regulatory agencies to ban this poisonous substance.

Due to their efforts, huge publicity has been generated, and millions of people across the world are now aware that the thousands of products containing aspartame are extremely dangerous, especially to children.

Countless numbers of Americans have joined in class action lawsuits, which have been filed against PepsiCo, CocoCola, Wrigley's, Kraft, Bayer Corp, Wyeth, Philip Morris, Nutrasweet, Pfizer, Slimfast, Walmart, The Dannon Company, General Foods and Con Agra Foods. These lawsuits claim that the companies are "...knowingly poisoning the public with aspartame".

Detox centres and support groups have been formed throughout the US , to deal with the 92 proven, life-threatening illnesses caused by aspartame and all other artificial sweetener money-spinners.

Australian families should be able to trust The Creche and Kindergarten Association and Australian Family Magazine. Therefore, it is most distressing that these two organisations have joined in what appears to be a blatant promotion to endorse OVALTINE LIGHT BREAK, which contains the neurotoxin, aspartame.

The magazine actually recommended this drink in an editorial on page 12 of the June, 2004, issue. Then, on page 31, there was a paid, full page advertisement for it. Worse, free samples of OVALTINE LIGHT BREAK were enclosed in every copy of the magazine given to families at the kindergartens. These samples are aimed at children, the most vulnerable members of our society!

It is only a matter of time before Australians follow the American's lead and mount class actions against all of the companies that sell and/or promote aspartame, unquestionably the most dangerous substance in our food supply.

On behalf of the innocent children of Australia , I am putting the Creche and Kindergarten Association and Australian Family Magazine on formal notice. Neither organisation will be able to plead ignorance when the time comes!

Yours truly,

Elaine Hollingsworth
Hippocrates Health Centre of Australia
Ph: +61 7 5530 2939
Fax: +61 7 5569 0884

PS: My book, TAKE CONTROL OF YOUR HEALTH AND ESCAPE THE SICKNESS INDUSTRY, contains carefully researched and well-documented information on aspartame. The Hippocrates Foundation has donated multiple copies of my book to every public library in Australia as a public service, so that those who need this information can get it free of charge. For a summary, see my website,

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