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This is a heartfelt case study brought  to our attention in April 2004.


We offered the mother as much support as possible and received her permission to use the information contained in her emails.

For the sake of privacy, her name is omitted. Please be assured this is a real case study.


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From: (name withheld) 
Sent: Wednesday, April 21, 2004 2:17 PM 
Subject: abnormal estradiol test


I attached a copy of my daughters diet. I believe there has been a direct correlation between her consumption of soy and her abnormally high estradiol test.

My daughter is 15 months old and she has breast budding. The pediatrician ordered an estradiol test which revealed abnormal amounts of estrogen in her body. Normal ranging from 5-10 and my daughters was at a 23. I decided to stop her consumption of soy milk, and BEHOLD in 2 wks, her estradiol test revealed an 8, which is perfectly normal. My pediatrician is now completing a documentation on this Soy issue.

I am grateful that this was detected early. I fear she may have had severe side effects such as precocious puberty, thyroid, etc...

I want to do everything possible to prevent this from happening to another child before it is too late! I plan on creating a website and writing in to baby magazines in hopes that it will prevent parents from going through the emotional rollercoaster I was riding prior to her normal test results. Initially, I was told that my daughter may have a mass in the brain that could be producing estrogen, however, it was soy. I am grateful that is was soy, but I am also disturbed that soy is still on the market.

How can I fight this soy issue???

(signed by the mother)


Response from (This site is no longer live, see links below)
Sent: Wednesday, April 21, 2004 10:31 PM 
Subject: Re: abnormal estradiol test




We think your letter speaks for itself. Those are two physiological effects that are classic indicators of premature sexual maturation. That is exactly what we deduced for ourselves in 1993, when we asked scientists to explain it to us.  
The only wise course is to make sure your little girl has no more exposure to soy ever again. There is help at SOS Guidance 
You should try to get a copy of the new issue of "Mothering" which carries a hard-hitting article by Kaayla Daniels of 
In addition to a personal website, you could promote her book locally and urge your doctor to write up a case study and submit it to medical magazines for publication


Good Luck, 

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From: Elaine Hollingsworth [] 
Sent: Thursday, April 22, 2004 7:00 PM 
To: (name withheld)


As a dedicated anti-soy crusader, I was outraged by your email. Your story is all too common, and the multinationals who are reaping billions selling their poison are fully aware that they are destroying a generation. You might like to see my website,, and read ATTACK OF THE KILLER BEAN. Please feel free to quote from it if it can be of help to your cause. 

If it is not an intrusion on your privacy I would like to add your email to my website, as a warning to unsuspecting parents whose children are having the same problems. 


Best wishes, 
Elaine Hollingsworth .



Feel free to add my email to your website. I too plan on creating a website complete with my daughter's testimony as well as her pediatricians documentation. We are military, and the AirForce base plans on doing a case study. Dr. ..... is allowing me to use her name and documentation for my website.

As a mom, I was devastated (which is an understatement) when they suggested she my have a mass in her brain producing estrogen. Quite frankly, the past month has been an emotional rollercoaster. I have never prayed so much in my life!! If I can prevent other parents from such devastation and children from the "killer bean" as you call it , I believe that is my sole purpose.

PRAISE GOD, my daughter is healthy, and is NO LONGER consuming a beverage that could have caused severe side effects and future health problems.


The breast budding would not have been detected had she not developed a rash. Her pediatrician noticed the breast budding while examining her rash, which then lead to the estrodial test. She was not due for a check up until next year. It scares me just knowing she could have been exposed to soy for at least another year! I believe she may have been pushed right into puberty, or may have experienced other neg side effects also mentioned on the website.

Thank you for your website, I will pass your knowledge on to others.


(name withheld)

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