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Cellyte Mineral Supplement

Cellyte is an extract of a pure form of the organic mineral complex found in nature, derived mainly from plant matter, using a unique patented technology.  It is the result of years of research by a team of natural health specialists, including Dr. Michael Halliday and the late Dr. John Whitman Ray, who have provided me with their scientific papers. 

Cellyte contains over 72 key minerals in a crystalloid electrolyte form, which is the most efficient way to deliver minerals to the body.  The small particle size and unique micro-electrical charge of the mineral complex in Cellyte allows it to be rapidly absorbed and utilised by the cells of the body.  Moreover, according to the doctors, the complex also contains various beneficial phytonutrients, including amino acids, co-enzymes and vitamins, and significant quantities of oxygen.

($8 & H Within Australia)

Internal Nutrition (formerly known as Bac-2-Health)   
Formulated by the same scientists who produce Cellyte, Internal Nutrition is an excellent form of easily-assimilated, fermented, pre-digested protein.  Dr Michael Halliday has provided me with his scientific papers, and I have so much respect for his integrity that I do not hesitate to recommend it highly.  I take both of these products myself.   Please see page 340 for more information.  

($8 P & H Within Australia)



Protection from Radiation and Geopathic Stress

Electromagnetic frequencies from mobile phones, mobile phone towers, electrical transformers, computers, radar, satellites, the high voltage power lines that dot landscapes, etc. etc., are damaging to our health.  These non-ionizing electromagnetic fields do not exist in nature, and our bodies do not know how to deal with them.  As Nikola Tesla, who invented AC electricity said, “The alternating current I have invented will prove to be the most dangerous thing on Earth, and I must find an alternative.”  Tesla’s understanding of frequencies led him to create the resonance that was necessary to counteract the biological effects of radiation for which his inventions were responsible.  The company which now bears his name manufactures pendants and plates for personal and environmental protection, and I have had a great deal of experience with the work they are doing.  Many people (those of us at Hippocrates Health Centre included) have reported amazing improvements in health and wellbeing after having Tesla’s products installed.

This company also tests for and neutralises geopathic stress, which has been found to be a common factor in many serious illnesses, sleeplessness and psychological conditions.  I have observed amazing recoveries:  as just one example, a friend moved into a new home and was unable to sleep well for five years.  A Tesla practitioner tested her bedroom and found underground water that carried electromagnetic frequencies.  Once Tesla products were installed, the woman returned to her normal sleep patterns and felt well again.  She was thrilled! 

I recommended this testing and these products without qualification.  To find a local practitioner, phone 1300 898 983, and see


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